The Curatius team is amazing.  They look after everything leaving me more free time to focus on patient care.

Dr M
Consultant Physician / Geriatrician

Full practice support


I see patients for three to four sessions per week at Ramsay Place Suite C. The reception staff is absolutely fantastic. They are extremely organised and have a great rapport with patients. It makes working there a pleasure.

Dr H

Full Practice Support


I would highly recommend using Curatius for all your practice management needs.  The staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.  They really look after and help my patients.  To me the costs are minimal when I consider that I have 100% returns on my invoices which I’ve never heard or seen before! This is definitely a platinum service.

Dr B
Consultant Physician / Intensivist

Full Practice Support


I have relied on Curatius Pty Ltd to manage my Private Patient Billings for the last 14 years now. From the very start it has been apparent that Curatius recognises the long and at times onerous hours that we as medical specialists perform in our work. Their Service reflects our expectation of efficiency and excellence in the work environment and respects that the financial aspects of clinical care are an important part of our practice. Curatius has proven to be reliable and very efficient in all matters of billings and financial reporting. I have no reservations in recommending them to colleagues for billing purposes.

Dr Z

Billing Service